From Christ to Confucius


My first book, From Christ to Confucius: German Missionaries, Chinese Christians, and the Globalization of Christianity, 1860-1950, was published by Yale University Press in 2016.

The book explores a dramatic transformation in recent world and religious history: the shift of Christianity from a predominantly "European" religion to one that is largely non-European. It tells this story through the lens of German Protestant and Catholic missionaries, who entered China in the nineteenth century committed to destroying Confucianism. Yet when they left China in the 1950s, they had become Confucianism's ardent defenders. Pushed by their Chinese Christian counterparts, missionaries began to change their views, arguing that Christianity's global survival hinged on the synthesis of Christianity and Confucianism. Through their encounter with China, missionaries began to reconsider Christianity's relationship to other religions, and ultimately began to re-examine central tenets of Christianity, such as the exclusivity of Christian salvation. German missionaries, I argue in the book, were agents of both globalization and secularization. Finally, they were not just handmaidens of empire. Rather, they were complex figures who at times challenged the German imperial project.


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I have written several articles related to this book project:

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