Recent Course Offerings at the American University of Paris

The History of Modern China. (Spring 2018)

German History, 1800 to the Present. Advanced Lecture. (Spring 2016)

Histories of Disease, Medicine, and Public Health. Advanced seminar. (Fall 2015)

Diplomatic History, 1815 to the Present. Advanced lecture. (Fall 2013 to Fall 2015)

Twentieth-Century Europe and the World. Introductory lecture. (Spring 2014 to Spring 2016)
East Asian Civilizations I:Pre-History until 1500. Introductory lecture. (Fall 2014; Fall 2015)

East Asian Civilizations II: From 1500 until the Present. Introductory lecture. (Spring 2015)

Religion and Globalization, 1800 to the Present. Advanced seminar. (Fall 2014)

The Global 1920s: Paris, New York, Shanghai. Advanced seminar. (Spring 2014)

World History, 1500 to the Present. First-year seminar. (Fall 2013)